Are you ready to create your most powerful writing?

Do you have a deeply personal story to tell, or a passion project book you want to write, that can help people understand themselves and improve their lives?

Maybe you’ve carried this story inside you for years. And now you’re ready to turn it into art.

Memoir, essays, or fiction—you want your writing to connect deeply with readers and bring you a profound sense of satisfaction and purpose. You want to make it your best work.

If this sounds like you, then maybe you can relate to one of these situations . . .

  • You do plenty of writing in your current job, but feel creatively stifled. You’d like to break out in a new direction and write something personal, emotional, rich—a story from your own or someone else’s life.
  • You’re a published author who’s decided to write a memoir. But you’re having a crisis of confidence, or you fear repercussions from family members or others when they find out what you’re writing.
  • You’re a busy entrepreneur with a passion project in mind—a book you’ve been yearning to write that tells a story you know can change lives. But adding another project to your To Do list? How would you write the book?
  • You long to write a memoir or a novel based on a life-changing experience you’ve been through. Yet despite your success in other areas of your life, you don’t know where to begin.           ]

You feel compelled to write, but you’re not taking action. You’re not sure why you can’t move forward.

In other areas of your life you set a goal and go for it. Why does this feel different?

You’re not to blame. Uncertainty and inaction show up for good reasons.

Writing personal stories can feel intimidating. It requires courage, vulnerability, and truth-telling. You don’t know what you’ll discover—about yourself or others. If you’re writing a memoir, you might be worried about the reaction of people who are in the story. And writing isn’t easy, even for most accomplished and successful authors.

Plus, society doesn’t reward us for pursuing our creative goals. Just the opposite, in fact. In business, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or successful professional, you’re expected to push through the tough parts and work harder.

But writing a personal story is not something you can “manage” the way you’d run a business or project. The creative process is directed by the unconscious mind. You need a completely different strategy.

So it’s no surprise if you feel stuck or have more questions than answers.

Whatever the reason, your desire to write is urgent. Something inside you feels poised and ready to come into expression.

This unknown part of yourself is a call for you to go within . . . and explore the rich territory of your imagination and memory.

It’s like heading into a dark forest.

One thing you know is that you can’t stand outside looking in at the trees . . . and do nothing. The creative call won’t disappear.

Your desire is a sign that you’ve already stepped into the forest . . .

Imagine having a guide or a mentor to lead you through the forest . . .

Someone who gives you a map and their full attention as you navigate the terrain of writing your story. Someone who understands that a cookie-cutter formula (like finishing a book in 90 days in a prescribed format) isn’t the right solution for you. Someone who can see you as an artist, hold that space for you, and give you clear direction for producing your most powerful writing.

I can be that guide for you . . .

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I would love to help you.



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“Without Darlene’s support, my poetry book would not have been completed. I became stuck and was ready to scrap the whole project, but Darlene’s gentle encouragement and persistent support kept me going. She combines skill with empathy, an invaluable combination in a writing coach. At my book launch party, I felt as happy as I did on my wedding day!”

~Elaine Mannon, author of I Sing With a New Voice: A Journey Shaped by Dreams and Poems

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