My approach

What makes my coaching unique is that it blends the inner journey of writing with its outer counterpart.

By attending to the inner journey, you write from a deeper part of yourself. The awareness and insight you develop add depth and nuance to your writing.

By attending to the outer journey, you apply practical strategies and a real-world perspective toward finishing your work.

I offer a variety of services—book editing and consulting, workbook creation for authors and consultants, and of course my signature program on how to create your most powerful writing.

In the signature program, you learn how to confidently navigate the twists and turns of writing deeply personal stories and creating a powerful work of art.

This is a 90-day, one-on-one coaching program. Key elements in the program include:

  • Getting crystal clear about your writing vision and purpose—so you can find the essence of your message and write what matters most to you
  • Understanding yourself at a deeper level in ways that will add wisdom and depth to your writing
  • Releasing unconscious barriers to your creativity, to bring your unique voice into expression
  • Finding the courage to write the hard parts of your stories, and transforming dark stories into something beyond the pain
  • Developing a writing practice that suits your personality and circumstances—so you make real progress and don’t waste time
  • Sharpening your writing skills so you can create your best work

Focusing on these six essential elements will give you clarity, confidence, and practical tools to write personal stories that resonate strongly with readers.

This private coaching program is highly customized to your needs, your writing, your questions and concerns.

My coaching style

I’m especially skilled at listening for what’s behind your words and helping you draw out the layers of meaning in your writing.

Your deepest, most moving stories emerge when you discover the unique imagery and subtle whisper of ideas that lie below the surface of your conscious mind.

I help you release beliefs, fears, and hesitations that are in the way of telling your story.

You find your unique message and a writing voice that feels completely natural.

By becoming a skilled navigator of the inner journey of writing, you invite your most powerful words into expression. Ultimately, you offer a valuable gift to your readers.

My experience

I’ve taught writing seminars as well as workshops about the writer’s journey. I’ve written two business books (one about writing), a full-length memoir manuscript, and more. My personal and memoir stories appear in eight anthologies. I’ve been editing the work of other writers for over 30 years.

I’m also a Certified Creativity Coach, a Voice Dialogue facilitator, and an energy healer.

Everything I’ve learned about writing and life has influenced the signature program I’ve developed as part of my mission to help writers create their most powerful art.

So . . . if you’re willing to dive deep and explore your personal creative frontier . . .

If you’re willing to draw out the hidden parts of yourself where your real, honest-to-god art lies . . .

If you’re willing to bring radical transformation to these uncharted places, and from them create your most powerful art . . .

Then my signature coaching program could be just what you’re looking for.

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